The Artistic Journey

TJ Studio

The Tete Jaune Studio

One hour west of Jasper in BC is the historical area called Tete Jaune Cache my studio is just a valley away from the massive Mt Robson.
Here in the red barn my work is undergoing some changes and so has my focus.

New work has been centred on the abstraction of the mountains and soon I will be able to show you more work like the one on my home page called "Falling Light".

It has been exciting to start a new chapter of creativity. Some of my older work is still available as prints but slowly they will be replaced by the abstracts.

After 24 years the mountains remain prominent as my creative muse but the subject has become more deconstructed. In an effort to find the essence of what we enjoy about mountains. To find this essence it has become necessary to pare away the iconic shapes to simplified compositions of flow and colour. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey to express what i feel is the root of our facinations with our natural surroundings.


I am a graduate of the Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta but have honed my skills since a teenager as a member of the Nanaimo Art Group and through courses at the College there. Since opening my studio in Jasper I have had numerous one man shows and have participated in several group shows in Alberta. My work has been collected by corporations and by the many visitors to Jasper, making their their way to new homes around the globe. I have also taken part in several projects started in Alberta such as Tuktu Prayers which created awareness of the plight of the deminishing herds of Cariboo in the Rocky Mountains and in the Jasper Centennial Celebrations thru the creation of the fourty foot panorama titled "360 Degrees; A View from the Top of Old Fort Point". I was fortunate to be involved with the Alpine Clubs Centennial celebrations in 2005 by being paired with the mountaineer - Brad Harrison for the appropriately named project "The Mountaineer and the Artist". As part of the project I got to travel to and paint Brad's special place in the mountains.The experience was followed up by a show at the Whyte Museum and the booklet - "The Mountaineer and the Artist".In the winter of 2009 I spent some time at Numtijah Lodge as part of the Artist in Residence Program.The piece "Around the Bend - Bow Lake" remains on display there. In June of 2012 I opened a new studio with a public gallery space at the Red Door 618 Connaught on the mainstreet of Jasper. In May 2015' in an effort to simplify things a bit' the Studio was moved to the Industrial Park in Jasper. The final move to Tete Jaune Cache which concluded this spring is a dream come true. The idylic acreage enables much more freedom of expression and I am excited to pursue my latest work involving greater abstraction.. This year I was the artist in residence during the Alpine Club of Canada's Art Camp at the Albert Icefields..I was very lucky to share this experience with my husband and Mountain Guide Peter Amann. Together we are enjoying new experiences in the mountains just on the other side of the Rockies.


Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work by email: or phone/txt: 780-852-8289. Appointments can be made to see the new work at the studio in Tete Jaune.